About Me

I'm a Software Engineer based out of Philadelphia, PA with experience in JavaScript, Go, Ruby, PostgreSQL, AWS, Docker, and React. I love finding and solving complex problems and collaborating with others.

Most recently, I built Hypha, an open-source observability framework that correlates logs and traces to make debugging distributed systems easier.

Stephen Gontzes

Other Projects

  • RequestBin Webhook HTTP Tool


    RequestBin-like Webhook and HTTP request inspection tool built in Go using Ngrok and MongoDB, deployed on DigitalOcean Droplet, configured with Nginx and PM2.

  • Trello KanBan Tool


    Trello-like project management tool built using React/Redux, a Node.js/Express RESTful API, and MongoDB.

  • Tictactoe Game Backtracking Negamax


    Multi-level game optimized with backtracking Negamax algorithm, built in Ruby using Sinatra and PostgreSQL.